my shopping philosophy: anything I need already exists and somewhere, someone has no longer found use for it. 

but...some things are better bought unused. these are those things. my favorite things, as well as some brands i love & trust. 

I challenge you to purchase these items from small, local shops, bookstores & co-ops when possible.  however, if you do choose to use these links - I earn a small affiliate commission. thank you & enjoy! 

I get my herbs in bulk from mountain rose herbs (based down the street from me, but available online) 
my favorites are:




hara the label
- ethical production, bamboo fabric, & natural dyes

thinx   (yes, really. and i love them)


self care

 Youth To The People Kale Superfood Cleanser 

100% vegan, clean/non-toxic skincare with sustainably sourced ingredients. It comes packaged in a glass bottle with vegetable derived ink print, so you can wash it off and reuse it (or recycle!) typically costs $36, so purchase elsewhere if this link is overpriced 

 Tongue Scraper Cleaner (2 Pack)

an ayurvedic detox practice I use every single morning  



 Guppyfriend Washing Garment Bag

buying vintage gives garments a new life, keeping them in use & out of landfills. However, many vintage garments are made of synthetic fabrics which can release microplastics into our water. This bag filters those microfibres so you can dispose of them properly.