eugene, oregon: an earth girl guide to the hippie city

You'll find travel guides to Seattle, Portland, or LA all over pinterest. I thought it's time someone pay tribute to their small town, instead. If you happen to find yourself in Eugene, Oregon someday...I've got you covered. Here's my earth girl guide to the hippie city: a small collection of my favorite places & things to do. 

 where to eat:


Glass House Coffee: the perfect rainy day spot. 

5th Street Market: the best place for breakfast or lunch, when you can't agree on a spot to eat. It's got a cafe, little market, and restaurants upstairs (plus, lots of spots nearby) 


Poke Stop: healthy & easily customizable. 

Bon Mi: pho forever. my go to: tofu pho & bon mi sandwich. 

DIY Tea Bar: I'm a little obsessed with boba...I bought reusable boba straws to justify it. my go to: banana milk tea with boba. (it's soy based & nondairy)


Tacovore: catch me and my best friends making any excuse to celebrate with a tacovore marg.

Izacaya Meiji: preferrred way of eating: sampling lot's of small plates.

Black Wolf Supper Clubdate night dinner. 



what to do: 

in the summertime, my favorite thing is the abundance of fresh fruit. rent a bike and do an oregon fruit loop: just bike around until you find fresh grapes, blackberries, apples, figs, and pears. 

Local Hikes:  Spencers Butte, Mount Pisgah, or Hendricks Park.

Saturday Market: #1 on my list if you want a real feel for Eugene. and yeah, I know the mushroom guys on a first name basis. 

Sundance foods: for when you can't make it to the saturday market. so many organic, local options. 

hot tip: hot bar after 9pm is half off & you'll find a section with older produce for half off as well. they also host free wine tastings at the wine cellar around the corner.

Sunrise Asian Foods: is this entire guide just a tour of grocery stores? yes. 

Moutain Rose Herbs: my favorite night time routine: preparing my nourishing overnight infusions in the french press. I usually get my mountain rose herbs in bulk at Sundance (avoid plastic packaging and bring your mason jars, baby!) But it's fun to browse & get inspired. My staples: hibiscus, red raspberry leaf, oatstraw, chaga & nettle.  

Bijou Theater: they show artsy films inside a beautiful repurposed church. 

Bingo: my girl gang monday gathering. it's free & they've got great prizes...i've got my eye on the crate of mangos.  

(monday @ 9 pm, free, 21 and up.)

locals only

a handful of little hints for anyone based in eugene, OR.

Public Library: you're not a local without a library card & ours happens to have a makers space where you can access tons of resources to fuel your creative passions. I'm talking sewing machines people!!!

Mecca: If you're in the Marie Kondo phase of life, send your craft supplies here. (It's unlikely that half used tube of paint will get resold at Goodwill). I find my studio background fabric here! & it's so affordable.

hot tip: they've got a resource room for teachers, full of free goodies. 

Growers Market: like a VIP club... but for buying local, organic, quality foods at a low cost. This place amazes me, because its run entirely by volunteers. contribute to the community by volunteering once a week, and you'll get 15% off and full membership to the store. They also have a free table, for produce that needs to be used day of. A beautiful place for anyone into zero waste. 


the best part of eugene? It's surrounded by natural wonders: head to the coast, see some waterfalls, take a hike...whatever. 

(my ultimate oregon guide: for when you venture out of track town, USA . coming soon)

before you go...

road trip tips:

Sequential Gas Station: I know, I know...name dropping a gas station in my blog...what. am. i. doing. hear me out...it's SO hard to stick to your values on roadtrips, but this place makes it easy! the biofuel is produced regionally from renewable sources. bonus: save up your compost scraps & recyclables to drop off here. they also have kombucha on tap & tons of good-for-you food options. 

hot tip: free coffee with your fill up, and they have dairy free creamer!

I also use Gas Buddy to find the cheapest gas & save 10 cents at the pump.

Coffee Drive Thru: maybe I'm old school, but this. is. revolutionary. a true oregon experience. I'll let you find one on your own, but it won't be hard. they're everywhere! don't forget your reusable cup & straw. 

Thrifting: thrift store souvenirs > gift shop souvenirs. there are no secrets on sununder: i'm just here to share the love. if you want to know which thrift stores are my favorites right now: St.Vinnies, Goodwill, and Salvation Army. 


hope this inspires you to love your lil' small town. enjoy!


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