veganish: an ever growing list of resources for the not yet vegan.

I'm not vegan, but I'm finding my own balance and trying to incorporate veganism into my life fully. This is the blog post I wanted when I first started this journey: so I'm sharing it with you, everything I've learned so far. 

& if you have any recipes or resources, please share them in the comment section! 



*scroll down to product's and supplements to see a sneaky little iced chai recipe I drink every morning!

1. Forager Plain, Unsweetened Cashewgurt, with fresh fruit ( I like strawberries, bananas, and champagne mangos) & hemp hearts. 

2. Breakfast Tacos: I could eat breakfast tacos every day. the combinations are endless but my favorites usually include black beans, sweet potatoes, sautéed spinach, salsa, and garlic. you can add any veggies, mushrooms, onions, radishes, etc. etc. and wrap it all up in little warmed up corn tortillas. 

3. My go to smoothie: 1 ripe & spotty banana, OJ, frozen spinach, frozen mango (trader joes has the best), 1 scoop of Amazing Grass Trio Powder, Hemp Hearts, Ground Flax, & Chia Seeds & sometimes the juice of one whole lime! 


Lunch & Dinner (click to be directed to the recipe)

1. Cheap Vegan Burrito_

2. Sushi Burrito 

3. Toasted Mushroom Sandwich 

4. Jackfruit & Pinto Bean Baked Tacos 

5. Vegan Mac and Cheese Chili 

6. Vegan Lentil & Quinoa "Meatballs": I usually double the recipe & keep a batch in the freezer for future use. 

7. Gyros

8. Shepherd's Pie 


Protein Tip: I like to  bulk up my recipes with gf pasta (quinoa, red lentil, blackbean, etc. etc) because it tends to be higher in protein (regular pasta usually has about 13 grams)

some of my favorites:

Trader Joes Organic Red Lentil Sedanini

Blogs & Resources

1. Mama Eats Plants (also @mamaeatsplants on instagram for tons of recipes) she and Stevie do a 5 day vegan dinner challenge on Trading Waste for Abundance. There are three, so that's potentially 15 nights of vegan meals. click here for: week one, two, and three

2. Minimalist Baker 

3. Sweet Potato Soul 

4. Ellen Fisher (has a great ebook!)

5. Earthy Andy 


Products & Supplements

I get some of my specialty ingredients from thrive market, so I'm linking my referral code for anyone who wants 25% off their first order

just click here


B-12: I use Garden of Life B12 : I got it for free from Thrive Market. I love it, and highly recommend!

 Natures Plus Hemaplex (3 Pack): If I could recommend one life changing supplement: it's this one - an iron supplement that covers all the bases. Runners lose a lot of iron through foot strike, and this game changer was introduced to me by my coaches back in college. Still use it today, and recommend it to everyone I know. *this product is vegetarian but i don't believe it's vegan. some forms of hemaplex contain gelatin. another reason why this blog post is "veganish"

ALOHA Organic Protein Powder (Chocolate) the only protein powder I've ever repurchased. 

Amazing Grass Trio Powder: repurchased over 5x now, its an absolute staple.

Coffee Creamer: Native Forest Coconut Milk It's expensive, so I buy it at a cheaper cost on amazon or thrive market. (got this idea from the holistic queen herself, Organic Olivia.)

To add creaminess to chai, matcha, & golden milk: I use Artisana Organics Coconut Butter

*a lot of chai drink mixes have milk powder and sugary additives: I use Blue Lotus Chai  because it doesn't have any of that! Makes the perfect iced chai every time. 

Daily Iced Chai Recipe:

1. I put a few little scoop full's of Blue Lotus Chai  powder in a mason jar with hot water the night before & let it steep/cool overnight. 

2. Next morning, I just pour unsweetened vanilla almond milk over ice, a big splash of the chai mix, and some maple syrup for sweetness. That's it! The mason jar of chai in the fridge makes me iced chai's all week!


Hemp Hearts : I put these on everything & blend them in with my smoothies and lattes. 

Trader Joe's Nutritional Yeast : Another source of B-12, I put this on everything (try popcorn!!!)

Beyond Meat Vegan Italian Sausage: not a big fan of mock meat, but this. is. it. the only one worth your time honestly. 

Foragers Yogurt


lil bonus: this cookie cookbook (Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar: 100 Dairy-Free Recipes for Everyone's Favorite Treats) has the best, ever vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe on earth ( I like to switch up the vanilla extract with almond extract to make it perfect)


hope these little tips help!

go & be well

xoxo SunUnder 





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